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Gentle Control Hackamores
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How Gentle Control Hackamores Work

How our Gentle Control Hackamore Works

  • Throat latch goes through the keeper on the hackamore. This gives you three points of suspension

  • This horse hackamore puts pressure on the underside of the jaw for superior stopping control

  • Teaches neck reining quickly on any horse--especially young horses--because of the pressure on the right or left underside of the jaw

  • We emphasize the use of soft hands control with the Gentle Control Hackamore. This gives your horse what we like to call "power steering and power brakes" (finger tip control)

  • The adjustment for the GCH is 1 inch clearance between the jaw and control plate as pictured to the right
Jan and I purchased one Hackamore at the SLC Horse Expo last year. It worked so well on my horse (CHEX) that Jan had to have one for her horse (Doc) 3 years old. We drove to your home in Ogden to pick up the second Hack. No more head tossing and playing with the bit. We was worried about control, but found it was not a problem. We will be purchasing our third Gentle Control at the SLC horse expo this year.

-- Vic & Jan Middleton, SLC Utah

I bought a 8 year old quarter horse last year, who had extreme head issues. She was the sweetest horse on the ground and a nightmare horse riding. She fought her hackamore almost constantly. She was convinced that any contact on the reins was going to hurt. Within three times of use of the Gentle Control Hackamore, she understood that there would be no pain. We began and continue to have a wonderful partnership. All her sweetness is coming out even under saddle. I had the most wonderful spring ride yesterday. I was able to enjoy the scenery instead of being concerned with her resistance. Thank You

--Candee Brennan