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Gentle Control Hackamores
Contact GCH:
(801) 731-6218

A New Revolutionary Hackamore

Gentle Control Hackamores for horses with a Revolutionary Design!

Our website provides an array of hackamores for horses each with attention to detail and quality. You won't find these revolutionary hackamores for sale anywhere else so don't be fooled by the competition!

Our Mission

Gentle Control Hackamore seeks to provide an innovative new and kinder hackamore for horses and horsemen alike.
It is our desire to produce quality products made of quality materials to ease the communication between horse and rider. We strive to provide our customers with exceptional customer service and maintain lifelong relationships.

I am so impressed with the Gentle Control Hackamore. My husband has a paint mare, who threw her head so much she was no fun to ride. With this new Hackamore, she no longer throws her head. She handles like a whole new horse. She doesn't fight the ride at all. My husband said it would never be different than any other ride, but after I bought it and put it on his horse, he could not believe the difference. We both recommend this Hackamore very highly.

--Becky Williamson
Put yourself in the place of your favorite horse. Would you like to go for a long ride with a piece of cold steel between your teeth that hits at the roof of your mouth at every step? Or would you rather have a soft piece of aluminum that only touches your outside jaw, when your rider wants to send you a "gentle" message. "Gentle Control" says it all.

--Alvin Richins; Ogden, Utah